Minutes News from committee meetings.

September 25th Meeting Minutes

posted Sep 26, 2012, 10:01 AM by Todd Schink

1. Joe went over his process with IRS office, Secretary of State’s office, and Attorney General’s office. Attachment is the corrected copy of the by-laws. Money spent so far: $125 initial incorporation fee; $50 re-application for nonprofit status with amended by-laws; $850 needed in order to file for 501C (Federal tax exempt status). State approval must be received first before application can be made for federal approval. 90 days are needed for processing of federal approval. For future reference, a 990 form must be filed 3 years in a row by a corporation once approved by the federal government. Otherwise this whole lengthy process must be repeated. Attached document was approved by trustees present.

2. No response from local superintendent in regards to emails pertaining to our endeavors.

3. No response from Senior Center in their deliberations on use of this future facility.

4. Marilyn Schuler (sp) has made cards with pictures and info in regards to our project. We need to obtain copies of her work.

5. The Napoleon Alumni Association needs to be more involved with the project. Elderly citizens also need to be approached for their thoughts and support.

6. Todd Schink will be contacted to have additional managers for the website in order to keep it current. Joe and Ken will be the additional managers.

7. Tom was assisted by the members present in completing the application for a grant from the Henry County Community Foundation. The current president of that organization suggested in an earlier August meeting that funds could be available upon application.

8. We need letters of support from: Maumee Valley Civic Theatre, Napoleon Community Band, and Henry County Historical Society.

9. Next meeting date is to be announced in the future at Ken Neuenschwander’s.

The By-Laws are attached below and in the minutes section.

Support From the Bert G. Taylor Post 300 of the American Legion

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Date:   9/12/2012

Dear Ms Lyne:                                                                                                                                                                              

On behalf of Bert G Taylor Post 300 of The American Legion, Napoleon, Ohio and it’s Executive Board, it is my pleasure to write this letter in support of the proposal to save, renovate and restore the historic John L. Johnson auditorium and the adjacent west wing of the former school building.

We understand that the renovation of John L. Johnson Auditorium will result in the following venues being provided for the residents of Napoleon and Henry County.

  • State of the art community center
  • Cafeteria
  • Reception hall space
  • Meeting rooms
  • Visual and performing arts auditorium
  • Gymnasium

We fully support the efforts of the Napoleon Civic Center in this endeavor.  Any project that can provide a venue to bring the community together is worthwhile and it is our sincere hope that the efforts of the Napoleon Civic Center will provide the necessary funding to bring this project to a successful conclusion.


Terry L. Hoops

Terry L. Hoops


Bert G. Taylor Post 300 of the American Legion

Napoleon Civic Center Update

posted Aug 28, 2012, 6:38 PM by Todd Schink   [ updated Sep 19, 2012, 12:59 PM ]

The central committee has been quite busy lately. Many meetings of discussion, contacts made, and writing sessions for the by-laws for the Napoleon Civic Center have taken place. Below is rough draft material which we would like to share and to receive comments and suggestions. The next writing session is scheduled for September 5th at 9:30 a.m. at Neuenschwander’s. Everyone is invited and encourage to come and help. These constitution writing sessions are so important.

If you have suggestions or thoughts and can't attend please contact Ken Neuenschwander at

Draft 1: 8-23-2012

Napoleon Civic Center


To be a community center and performing arts venue for the residents of Henry County, while preserving the historical tradition of the building as a common meeting and performing arts area.


To renovate and restore the historic John L. Johnson Auditorium and the adjacent wing of the former school building. To establish a state of the art community center with cafeteria and reception hall space, meeting rooms, a visual and performing arts auditorium, and gymnasium areas . The center would serve as a gathering place for the residents of Henry County and any community organizations offering such amenities as a cafeteria, studio and meeting places, and an auditorium and gymnasiums.


  • To seek, accept, and properly manage gifts to restore, renovate and ensure the continued success of the Napoleon Civic Center.
  • To oversee the renovation of the auditorium and classroom structures to meet the proposed needs of the civic center.
  • To encourage the use of the facility by community organizations, senior citizens, school and government entities, and local arts organizations.
  • To establish ways to maintain, in perpetuity, the civic center for the benefit of the residents of Henry County.

Letter of Endorsement for the Renovation & Restoration of John L. Johnson Auditorium

posted Jul 9, 2012, 6:51 PM by Todd Schink   [ updated Jul 9, 2012, 6:51 PM ]

Mission Statement: The Henry County Chorale is a newly formed non-profit adult community mixed chorus that is based out of Napoleon, Ohio. Our mission is to provide an outlet for those adults who wish to be a member of a choral ensemble. The chorale’s additional mission is to entertain and provide scholarships to area graduating high school seniors who are pursuing a degree in musical arts. Repertoire includes lighter numbers such as show tunes, jazz, pop, patriotic and some sacred music. Concerts are presented throughout the year.

I wrote the above mission statement in December 2010, hoping that the initial grouping of individuals would number around twelve. To my joy, we have concluded our first year with almost forty individuals who have joined the chorale for not only the reasons as described in the mission statement, but also joining for the joy of singing and performance, experiencing the self-appreciation of artfully performed music as a result of intense rehearsal, discovering the comradeship of fellow singers, finding a niche shortly after moving to the area, providing a community service to the Henry County area, and simply enough, just having fun.

Why do we value music? In an article entitled Vision 2020, edited by C. K. Madsen(2000) and published by the Music Educators Nation Conference, Reimer makes the statement “that to be human is to make meaning and seek meaning. A life full of meaning, including musical meaning, is a life fulfilled in one of its primary needs”. We as human beings often ask ourselves “why were we placed here on earth?” The typical high school student asks that by wanting acceptance by peers, wanting to find his/her niche in the school setting, by wanting to belong to a group. “The best reason to study music is that it gives people a reliable, thorough, and efficient way of becoming expert at creating, communication, and deriving meaning musically in the world of humans (Madsen, 2000).

How do individuals participate in music? Jellison stated that “music teachers across this country every day provide pleasurable, enjoyable creative music experiences for their students. Yet, it appears that many children and adults do not choose to continue many of these music experiences outside of school (Madsen, 2000). Perhaps we need to plan more directly for the future musical lives of students. This can start with the renovation of John L. Johnson auditorium. The mission of the Napoleon Area City School District is to "lead, learn and live in the pursuit of excellence." The ultimate objective of all standards, all music curriculums, and all school personnel is to help all students gain the broad skills and knowledge that will enable them to function effectively as adults and to contribute to society in today’s world and tomorrow’s. As the ultimate goal of music education…is to identify those skills and experiences that are important building blocks on which to structure adult music experiences” (Madsen, 2000).

President John F. Kennedy remarks at Amherst College, October 26, 1963, made clear the need for a nation to represent itself not only through its strength but also through its art and as he said, "full recognition of the place of the artist." Two years later, President Lyndon Johnson signed the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities Act, creating The National Endowment for the Arts. Kennedy also stated in his speech, “I look forward to an America which will not be afraid of grace and beauty, which will protect the beauty of our natural environment, which will preserve the great old American houses and squares and parks of our national past, and which will build handsome and balanced cities for our future… I look forward to an America which will reward achievement in the arts as we reward achievement in business or statecraft. I look forward to an America which will steadily raise the standards of artistic accomplishment and which will steadily enlarge cultural opportunities for all of our citizens. And I look forward to an America which commands respect throughout the world not only for its strength but for its civilization as well. And I look forward to a world which will be safe not only for democracy and diversity but also for personal distinction.”

As director and founder of the adult community choir, The Henry County Chorale, I fully endorse the renovation and restoration of John L. Johnson auditorium. As a music educator, I see the need for the district and community to not only provide for the numerous extra-curricular sporting activities, but more importantly to provide for the board adopted curriculum-based music education within the district with a performance arena that allows for the culmination of what is taught in the classroom. The first priority of the performance area should be for the arts, music, dance, drama, and not to diminish these disciplines to secondary users of the facility. A gymnatorium does not support the classroom pedagogy. An acoustically renovated auditorium not only supports the classroom pedagogy, but also will aid the student in learning proper etiquette and decorum for an artistic performance. It will also be a reflection upon the Napoleon community in general as President Kennedy declared in his speech, to “enlarge cultural opportunities for all of our citizens”. The Henry County Chorale would be proud to call the renovated and restored John L. Johnson auditorium, “home.”

Janet Lyne
Director and Founder
Henry County Chorale

Napoleon Civic Center in the News

posted Jun 21, 2012, 8:43 PM by Todd Schink   [ updated Jun 21, 2012, 8:43 PM ]

The proposed Napoleon Civic Center was featured in video report for Toledo News Now. The Center was also featured in the Crescent-News and the Northwest Signal.

Civic Center Central Committee

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President Elect 




Officers at Large

Ken Neuenschwander

Larry Lyne

Janet Lyne

Joe Aschemeier


Tootie Bockelman

Joel Miller

Ryan Mays

Rose Wiemken

Tom Jenny

Dr. Steve Fogo

Taylor Moyer

Ken Meyer

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rep to HC Chorale

rep to MVCT

rep to Napoleon Alive

rep to The HCCC

rep to HCAC

rep to HC Historical Society

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rep to Napoleon Area Schools

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